Tenant Info

1. Tenants must submit to the Association office a completed Tenant Membership Application and copy of current lease agreement.

2.The Association will send a letter to the property owner regarding the tenant’s request. The letter outlines the property owner’s responsibilities regarding his/her tenants.

3.The letter must be signed and returned by the property owner to the Association office.

4.The Association will notify the tenant regarding his/her approval via phone and/or mail.

5. Tenants can pay membership fees in full or in two installments; November 1st and May 1st. The membership term begins on November 1st and expires on October 31st of the following year. The fees are listed on the Application form.

6.Tenants need to renew their memberships annually (see steps 1-6).

7. Associate membership fees for tenants are determined annually by the Board of Directors in August each year and will be made available to the members in the following month.

An Associate membership purchased by a tenant allows him/her to use the parks, beach, fish, register a boat, rent a slip, rent a stall, rent the facilities and participant in Association activities. Separate fees are required for use of some of these amenities.

Section 2.6 of the Spring Valley Lake Association’s Rules and Regulations (page 3) states, “Owners may allow anyone to use the passes except tenants renting or leasing homes in Spring Valley Lake. Owners who allow tenants to use their guest passes are in violation of these rules and may be cited. A citation for misuse of Association ID cards or guest passes is $100.00. In addition, a property owner may lose his/her privileges

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