Center Median Project 2014/2015

The Center Median Upgrade Project was approved for the 2013-2014 budget and we have been planning to start and complete this project in the fall of this year. SVLA has been working with the County Public Works and Mojave Water Agency Departments. The design shown to the right will require very little maintenance, low water and meets the cash-for-grass requirements. We will have LED lighting illuminating the landscape and providing ambient light for the median. It will also continue to accommodate the flag poles.

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Median Project Update 7/14/15
We are in the final stage of completion of the center median. We have just finished up compacting the decomposed granite and working on getting all the landscape lighting operational. 

The final touches will be to add a stabilizer to the decomposed granite now that is has been compacted. We will also be spraying the river rock with a coating to give it a wet appearance. 

The Island where the archway is will not be landscaped until the County has completed the archway upgrade, which is expected to start September 2015. 
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Median Project Update 1/22/15

As you may have noticed, our initial goal of having the median project completed by the end of last year has expired.  We have been delayed for a few different reasons:
  1. The brick-stamped concrete that lined the entire median turned out to be significantly thicker than anticipated.  We estimate that we removed over 600 tons which ultimately led to the demise of our 40 year-old dump truck.  When we rented another truck, it too couldn’t deal with the heavy loads and broke.  We ultimately purchased a heavy-duty dump trailer to finish the removal of the concrete.  (This trailer was actually on our list to replace the dump truck at a significant savings since we rarely use a dump truck.)
  1. We started again making good progress until CSA 64 notified us that during the project, they wanted us to update the concrete casings around the sewer manhole covers.  We are not sure why they wanted this, but we complied and needed to obtain their specifications, do the work, then of course wait for inspection.
  1. We are now at the stage of putting in the decorative concrete curbing that will separate the decomposed granite from the decorative rock and plants.  We have secured all of the palm trees and other plants, but the weather will dictate when we can actually plant them.  We have also secured the decorative low voltage lighting.  Hopefully this nice weather will hold out so we can continue to make faster progress!

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