Vessel Operator's Permit

Image of person steering their boat

To obtain your Vessel Operator's Permit (VOP) complete the test by clicking on the links below. 

Once the test has been completed, complete the following steps:

If you are an SVLA Member trying to receive a VOP, send an email to with the following:

1. Your SVL address
2. A copy of your driver's license
3. State if you have obtained a VOP before
4. A copy of your member/tenant ID

If you are sponsoring a non-member to receive a VOP...

You will need to send items 1-4 to AND you will need to include steps 1-3 for the non-member as well.

Once these steps have been completed please call Public Safety at 760.245.6400 to complete the process. 

Vessel Operator's (VOP) Test Non-powered Vessel Operator's (VOP) Test  


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