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Scott Eckert
My wife Kathi and I have lived in Spring Valley Lake since 1996. We chose SVL because of its outstanding public safety reputation and overall community attractiveness and amenities - and we still love SVL after 17 years.
My background includes 20 years in the USAF, followed by 15 years as a space systems technical consultant to the US Government.
I recently helped lead the effort to purchase permanent water rights for our lake – a wise choice by our community that will benefit SVLA forever.
I have worked to protect our community from development that is not in our best interest, such as the Nutro Dog food plant and the Super Walmart project.
I want SVL to be a community we can all be proud of and I will work hard to improve our overall quality of life. My priorities would be 1) Public safety 2) Financial management 3) Lake, and 4) Communication.
I promise that I will always make decisions that I believe to be in the best interest of Spring Valley Lake residents.
Ilene Bandringa
Vice President
I have lived in beautiful Spring Valley Lake since 2002 and truly believe that it is the best place to live in the entire High Desert. I have worked in the accounting field for over 20 years, the last 14 of which were spent working for school districts. In 2002, I changed professions and am now a technical writer.
I have served on the Architectural Committee since 2004 and have been the chairperson of that committee since 2008. Of those years, I spent the last 5 spearheading and completing the daunting task of re-writing of this community's Architectural Policies and Procedures. 
I believe that the Board and administration are doing a good job and I want to help continue their progress in the areas of public safety, improving the lake and controlling expenses. 
I will work hard to provide you with clear communication and to see that all of us get the maximum value for our assessment dollars while still maintaining the amenities that make this community not only a great place to live but provide us all with higher property values.  
Stephen Garcia
As a resident, I am aware of the many challenges that face our community. I understand that the operation, management and oversight of this one-of-a-kind community takes the efforts of many dedicated employees and volunteers.
I have been employed by Victor Valley College for the past 28 years where I am currently the Director of Facilities Construction & Contracts and previously the Director of Maintenance & Operations. My past employment includes Lockheed Aircraft and Santa Fe Railway. I am a member of High Desert Church and a current member of the Spring Valley lake Community Task Force whose charge is to identify and clearly define problem areas in the community.
My belief is that Spring Valley lake should be taking a proactive role in all developments surrounding our community and the affects these developments may or may not have. My additional concern Is to maintain the financial stability of the Association while ensuring the infrastructure is in place for the future of our community.
Robert McCoy
My family and I have lived in Spring Valley Lake since 1998. I am very proud to call Spring Valley Lake my home and I thoroughly enjoy the lake, parks, and other amenities year round. I value the quality of life that Spring Valley Lake offers and I recognize that this community simply cannot be replicated elsewhere in the High Desert.
As a representative of the board, I will commit to the goal of continuing this collaborative effort to ensure that decisions made continue to reflect the best interests of our community and its residents.
I am a Marine Corp Veteran, have 18 years of experience in law enforcement, and serve part time as adjunct faculty in the Administration of Justice program at Victor Valley College. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. It is my hope that my experience will help me to serve and give back to the community that my family and I have enjoyed for so many years.
Kenneth Martell
I have been living in Spring Valley Lake for almost 5 years now. I have previously lived in Hesperia and Apple Valley and can no longer imagine living in any other place in the High Desert than SVL.
I currently work for a Major Hospital in Anaheim as the Management Supervisor of the Information Technology department. I have been employed with this company for over 12 years. I have two beautiful children and I wouldn’t want to have my children grow up in any other area in the HD than SVL. I enjoy nothing more then walking my kids to the park, playing basketball and baseball. As well I enjoy taking them to the SVL beach and fishing areas around the lake. Often I have friends that visit from far and near and tell me how “spoiled” I am to live here. I always tell them come and live here, you’ll never want to leave.
I have served on the Citation Committee for over a year now. I have seen that we have a good team on the Board of Directors as well as a good manager. I hope to be able to take some of my IT experience and give back to the community that my kids and I enjoy so much. I ask for your vote and look forward to working with you all in the near future.
Jonathan Tasker
Having left Michigan as a police officer, I have been a resident of the High Desert since 1977. I owned and operated eight businesses until 1994. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, I completed law school in 1999 and began practice in Victorville in 2001. My wife and I moved to Spring Valley Lake in 2002. It is a wonderful and unique experience living in the desert and having a lake. Being from Michigan, I have the best of both worlds. There is no better place in the High Desert!
I was appointed to serve an unexpired term in October 2011. It has been a wondrous education to serve with such dedicated and selfless persons. My goal is to protect and preserve our marvelous community in terms of aesthetics, security and unity of our community family. I stand committed to act, vote and campaign in the best interest of all.
Mike Visser
My wife Becky and I have proudly called Spring Valley Lake our home since 1984. We have raised three children here and we have a major financial and emotional investment in our community. I have spent over thirty-four + years in the law enforcement field, with the last twenty years in supervision and management positions. In 2002, I retired as the Assistant Chief of Police in a southeast Los Angeles area city. Presently, I am the Director of the Administration of Justice Program at Victor Valley College. I hold a Masters in Public Administration (honors and distinction), and am a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the FBI Southwest Command College.
I have served you for the past two years as a SVLA Director and I believe with my colleagues on the board and your continuing support, we have accomplished several significant and positive changes to the community. I believe I have had a significant influence on maintaining low assessments, while improving the SVLA services and infrastructure for all to enjoy. I will continue to devote my time and effort to ensure we carry your will and look out for your financial and safety concerns.