Loose Dogs/ Pet Nuisance

Loos Dogs/Nuisance Banner: Displaying two dogs running

As a part of the Public Safety Department’s attempt to provide safe and enjoyable living conditions, we respond and provide compliance/enforcement for sections of SVLA R&R’s as well as the CC&R’s that pertain to loose dogs and pet nuisances.

Rules & Regulations section 3.1 requires that all dogs be on a leash or confined within the owner’s property. Any dogs that are loose and unable to be returned to their owner’s property will be reported to the San Bernardino County Animal Control. (Please see our section “Lost & Found Animals” for information about how to obtain a SVLA Pet Tag). If your animal does have a SVLA Pet Tag, Public Safety will attempt to contact you first in the event that your animal is loose and an officer is able to retrieve such information.

Rules & Regulations section 3.4 addresses the issue of excessive animal noise (bark, howl, crow or etc.) Any person who willfully or neglectfully does not exercise proper control of such and allows their animal to cause a disturbance or nuisance to the peace of the neighborhood will be in violation of the above code section.
If you have any questions regarding the Public Safety Department’s response and enforcement of the above code sections, please see our section on “Courtesy Notices”.


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