Special Patrols

PSD car under rainbow with lake SVL lake in the background

 The SVLA Public Safety Department offers two types of patrol services.
Extra Patrols
                 A resident can call the Public Safety Department and request an extra patrol of their property.  This request is for 72 hours, and it consists of a Public Safety Officer patrolling the area more often throughout the shift.
Residential Checks
            This service is for residents that we will on vacation or if the property is vacant for any amount of time. To request this service, residents must contact the Public Safety Department in-person at 12975 Rolling Ridge Drive or, by phone at (760) 245-6400. Public Safety Dispatch will further request information regarding your property status (date of departure and return, persons/services/vehicles allowed on property, lights or other security systems present, etc.) and advise you on certain stipulations regarding Public Safety response.

Residential Check Request

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